• Academic Ethics

    On various topics of academic ethics

  • Academic Skills

    On various topics of academic skills

  • Advanced Modal Logic

    On the theory of Modal Logic

  • Beyond Knowing That: A New Generation of Epistemic Logics

    On non-standard epistemic logics of know-wh (NASSLLI and ESSLLI courses)

  • Epistemic Logic

    An introduction to epistemic logic

  • Language, Logic, and Computation

    Joint course with Xuhui Hu and Weiwei Sun aiming at an interdisciplinary introduction to the common core of linguistics, logic and computational linguistics

  • Logical Dynamics

    An introduction to the logical frameworks for handling information, updates, and interaction

  • Logic and Puzzles

    Learning logic by using it (and constructing it) for puzzles

  • Logic in Math, Philosophy, and CS

    An interdisciplinary introduction to logic from the perspective of those three subjects

  • Introduction to Logic

    A modern, interdisciplinary introduction to logic as a subject