My official students/student co-authors and where they are/have been:

Undergraduate Students

Qinxiang Cao (Department of Computer Science, Princeton University, now AP@SJTU)

Tingxiang Zou (Institut Camille Jordan, Université de Lyon, now Postdoc @Einstein Institute of Mathematics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Shihao Xiong (Department of Mathematics, Cornell University)

Yifeng Ding (Logic group, UC Berkeley)

Tao Gu (UCL)

Zhouhang Zhou (CMU)

Cheng Liao (ILLC, University of Amsterdam)

Xinyu Wang

Yunsong Wang (ILLC, University of Amsterdam)

Graduate Students:

Xi Chen (exchange@HKUST, Hong Kong, now@万科)

Jie Fan (exchange@LORIA-Nancy, France, now AP@University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Yanjun Li (University of Groningen, now AP@Nankai University)

Tszyuen Lau (studied@Utrecht University)

Kai Li (exchange@CWI, Amsterdam, now Postdoc@China University of Political Science and Law)

Chao Xu (exchange @TU Dresden)

Jixin Liu (exchange @UC Berkeley, now Postdoc@Sichuan University)

Dazhu Li (PhD student @Tsinghua University/University of Amsterdam)

Yingying Cheng (@中央文献研究室)

Xingchi Su (PhD student@University of Groningen)

Jingzhi Fang (PhD student@Lingnan University, Hong Kong)

Mo Liu (PhD student@LORIA, France)

Students at all levels are welcome to work with me.


1 必须上过我的高级模态逻辑且得到较好成绩。

2 原则上我定题目。

3 研究兴趣我不熟悉的、未尽全力无法执行论文计划的、混学位的我无法指导。

4 请对自己的未来负责。